Speaking with Policymakers About Current Issues

While agricultural and natural resource industry professionals and educators need to communicate with policymakers, addressing controversial subjects is not always easy. Local, state, and national policymakers tend to have busy schedules as well, so those wanting to speak with them must deliver strong messages in effective ways. The following 10 tips can help you speak with policymakers about current issues: Start by  More»

Managing Invasive Species: Air Potato

Air potato is an invasive plant that interferes with the natural environment of native plants. This vine can grow eight inches a day and produces large numbers of potato-like growths that sprout new plants. What Is an Air Potato? Air potatoes, which are part of the yam family, are native to Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Air potatoes can be found throughout Florida as well as in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Hawaii, and  More»

Reporting Domestic Violence

While February is considered the time to celebrate the joy of romance, it also brings awareness to teen dating violence.  About 1.5 million high school students are affected by teen dating violence each year. College-aged students are affected by dating violence as well—about 43% of college women said they’ve been in abusive and violent relationships. Women and men in abusive relationships suffer a horrifying and despairing experience,  More»

Managing the Home Lawn

A healthy lawn can often make or break the outward appearance of your home. Among homeowners, many tend to “over” care for their lawn, especially when fertilizing, mowing, and irrigating. Follow Florida-Friendly Landscape practices and have a healthy lawn by learning how to fertilize, mow, and irrigate properly. Fertilize Fertilizing your yard properly is all about using the right type of fertilizer  More»

Beneficial Insects: Predators

Not every insect you see around your plants is harmful—some insects help the environment. Beneficial insects, which occur naturally in gardens, serve as good predators or pollinators. These useful predators also feed on many insects that are considered pests. The following hunters are important to integrated pest management programs: Assassin  More»

Family Dinners: A Time to Bond

Whether it’s working overtime or attending late-night soccer practice, busy schedules of parents and children can make having "family dinners" a challenge. However, a variety of benefits come with families regularly eating together at the table. When families have dinner together at least five times a week, children have more constructive influences and role models as well as more family encouragement. Family dinners have been linked to  More»